Go raibh maith agat (Thank You) 

All along my path to this point, I have been educated, motivated, helped and inspired by many different humans. I am so grateful for all these teachers and supporters.

My family and friends - first, foremost & forever.  But the following people in particular.

Frea O'Brien  - A business numerologist like no other.
Sonaya Williams - The woman who showed me structure, systems and shape.
Fi Hills - A culture change dynamo and a generous genius. 
Éadaoin Curtin - Firechild and the best branding photographer in the world. Fact. 

Here are some people out there in the world creating brilliant content that inspires me. 

Blind Boy Boat-Club
Danielle Le Porte 
Seth Godin 
Not forgetting all my clients who share their business stories with me and are literally the reason I do what I do.