I see you.

I know you want to do good work and give a great service to your customers. You also want to feel confident about your business offer and secure because you have a steady income. 

You might be a hairdresser, a coach, an accountant or a horse whisperer. It doesn’t matter because the goal is the same. 

You might have a team or simply work solo - same rules apply. 
You might be in business for 10 years or just starting out, the basic truth remains: 

 You have a product or a service that you know people need. 
You, in turn, need to get paid to deliver it.

That all seems p.r.e.t.t.y clear.  Except, it’s not.

Unfortunately loads of lovely business owners and entrepreneurs start out with a clear vision of the road ahead. Destination success is within sight. 

Hurrah! Lets go. 

But the reality is that running a business is  A LOT OF WORK, with many different moving pieces and one hundred different hats. 

And sometimes, communicating about what you do becomes the most difficult piece of the puzzle. 

I promise you, this problem is fixable!

 If you want to connect with more clients and increase your sales then your business story needs to SHINE... The Murphy Method will hand you the special polish that makes you glow with pride and your customers fall in love with you.

The way we live and work today is heavily influenced by social media and information overload.  That dizzy digital landscape can be like millions of sticky insects getting stuck on the windscreen of your car. Aaargh! It's hard to drive because you don't have any water to wipe it clean, In fact, if truth be told, the wind-screen wipers are gone, kaput. They fell off a few miles down the road and you couldn’t be bothered to stop and pick them up.

Ok, you get my drift. Even though you are working really hard, you cannot seem to get your message noticed.You feel confused and you waste money on the wrong advertising. 

You might even be feeling unsure about what’s special about you and what you do anyway. There’s so much competition and noise out there…

The Murphy Method is a six week, online course for business owners and entrepreneurs who know they have something really important to say to their customers but can’t always find the words. They have a great service or product but feel defeated because it’s so hard to get customers to pay attention!

I will show you what magic you can weave when you use story to engage with your customers!

Over six weeks you will learn how to match your authentic and true stories to intentional sales messages in a way that inspires people to buy from you. The Murphy Method makes your message shiny, clearing away that dull sense of overwhelm that keeps so many stuck.

I will take you by the hand as together, we root your message in your biggest ‘Why’ and plant seeds that connect deeply with the real needs of your audience.

Here's what some recent participants had to say


" It helped me to get really clear and focused around my purpose and motivation in business and crucially how to articulate that to my clients in a value centred way"

" Thank you so much Sally. You've inspired me already and I'm excited about my future in design & perhaps a new a career in consultancy, woohoo! Thank you"

"Made me feel a little more alive, awakened my fire again! Sally was superb - Magical Murphy Method"!

The Murphy Method is valued at €997. I am currently offering a 50% discount making the fee for this 6 week workshop just €497!

Our final session for 2019 begins on Monday 25th November and places are limited.

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