"Sally is a great story writer and she worked with myself and my family to put into words the essence of my business. She made me realise the importance of the story behind a business in today's market. She designed my website, set up my Facebook profile, instagram page, and Etsy site. I learnt how to manage my social media presence with her guidance. All of her interventions have increased my sales significantly. I would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation to me. She gave above and beyond her contract in time and help". 
Martin Clinton, Carraig na Rón

"From the point where Green Golf Travel was a mere business idea, Murphy Communications have been involved in the process of shaping the brand and the story behind it. Our meetings always result in creative ideas flowing and the process of working with her continues to invigorate this business. It is fair to say that the inspiration behind some of our most successful campaigns have come directly from our meetings.  Sally is an inspirational character, with a deep and thorough understanding of what makes a business, and its brand, resonate with the target market".

Patrick Keeney, Green Golf Travel. 

"Sally's creativity and utter communication brilliance has taken my business to a whole new level, thats both powerful and profitable. She has this razor sharp ability to cut straight to the core of what you need and just make it come to life! She just gets it! I LOVE working with her. And I trust her 100% to get it right, not just for me but for my tribe".

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, mng.

"We have found Sally Murphy to be extremely enthusiastic, hard working and knowledgeable and has provided Cavan County Council with an excellent Diaspora Engagement Strategy. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Sally's services".

John Donohoe, Cavan County Council.  

"Having worked with Sally Murphy on many projects, I have found her powerful communication skills second to none.  Her intuitive insight and unique skill in shaping the story and message of client’s projects is invaluable, combined with Sally’s ability to story-tell that effectively through creative content writing. Sally’s articulate attention to detail and innovative marketing style is why I love working with her and would highly recommend Sally for any communication or event management project"

Martina Warner, Warner Media

"Sally Murphy is one of the most skilled people I have ever worked with. She excels in event management, communications (in print, online as well as in person) and the production of a huge variety of programmes across a wide variety of sectors. Incredibly talented". 
Sarah Meehan, Donegal Tourism. 

"She is a rare individual whose ability to artistic direct and produce is matched by great concern with the way things are achieved, by the culture she establishes amongst colleagues and contractors. The reliability of anything she produces combined with attention to detail mean she has established trust". 

Dominic Campbell, Creative Ageing International. 

"I cannot say enough about her as a collaborator, she was generous, critical, an invaluable link to resources, supportive, and detailed. She pushed the work and ensured that all components served the mission of education and community. I admire Sally’s vision and genuine spirit in delivering this vital work to her community". 
Angela Tillges, Redmoon Theatre Company, Chicago.