Once Upon A Time... 

Four of the most powerful words in the English language,  triggering an immediate response in our brain. Research proves the human brains is hardwired to both process and store information when it is in story-form.  

Whether it is a customer looking for your product or service, or someone in your workforce, people pay attention to stories before facts

Therefore, you must believe that the story behind you and your business is the greatest differentiator that you have, literally it is your greatest marketing asset. The story of your business is totally unique and naturally genuine to who you are. Your communications must always come from that true place.

Scéal-Up! is an interactive talk that will guide participants through the essential stages of story and messaging that every business or brand must adopt.  

"Just so powerful. Thanks so much. You're great at connecting strands and letting people + prompting people to speak their truth. Something big has changed for me as a result of that prompting"  

Workshop Participant 2018.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash